Melrose Inspiration

Inspire your customers with our special projects developed especially for you! Take a look at our newest featured designs and we’ve even added a few videos!


There’s plenty more where that came from, so check back often to stay up-to-date on the latest trends!

Featured Projects

  • Birdcage Wall Shelf

    Birdcage Wall Shelf

    Watch as Ken takes you into spring with angels and florals as well as your favorite household products using our versatile Birdcage Wall Shelf.

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  • Displaying With Lanterns

    Displaying With Lanterns

    Not just a birdcage! See the endless display possibilities as Ken shows us how to incorporate both birds and bathroom décor.

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  • Jeweled Trays

    Jeweled Trays

    Dress up your dinner party with our jeweled trays! A simple martini glass and desserts is all that it takes!

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  • Lantern Gift Baskets

    Lantern Gift Baskets

    Get inspired by our lantern gift basket ideas! Ken shows you how to step away from traditional gift baskets by incorporating your favorite lanterns.

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  • Metal Wall Containers

    Metal Wall Containers

    Fresh spring greenery, fall florals, holiday and more – Ken takes you through all of the seasons with our Metal Wall Containers.

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  • Mossed Twig Wall Window Frame

    Mossed Twig Wall Window Frame

    Calling all gardeners! Take a look at this perfect accent as Ken adds special touches using flowerpots!

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